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Mozelle Tibbetts
inzerát z 7. září 2021, kategorie různé...

The club was filled with music and dancing, but once I noticed her eyes glancing back at me, I knew I would be hooked like a fish by her luminous eyes and plunging neckline. Her skirt swayed to the music, and I felt a hard on as I watched. I decided to slip away from the crowd and grab another drink at the bar. She let me breathless. When I looked back at the crowd I noticed her hands sliding down her waist, past her hips and she pulled them back up slowly - in rhythm with the music. I felt a slight gasp escape my lips. Then it was like she heard, she turned around with a hand on either elbow and her arms pressing against her stomach. She rocks her shoulders sensually while looking at me. My body starts to ache with lust as I imagine her touching me and my hands touching her in return. She approaches me as the song comes to an end and introduces herself, "Sylvia. What's your name and where can we be alone?" "Eric. Would you like to come to my apartment?" When he invited me to his place so quickly, I knew I had picked the right guy. It was sheer luck I had noticed him staring at my behind while I was dancing. My ex was at the bar with his latest dalliance. I hadn't even looked at a guy since he broke up with me. Well this was my chance. I just wanted a moment of freedom where I wasn't wondering if it was "meant-to-be" or if we were "right for each other". He was a gentleman in the car. We didn't even bother with small talk after he parked in front of a nice condo. He opened the passenger door for me and I grabbed his hand. The car door was shut and I pulled him into a close embrace and kissed him gently, "I would really like to do more when we get inside." We held hands all the way to the front door until he had to reach for his pockets. I figured physical flirting would be fun. I wrapped my arms around his stomach and pushed my breasts against his back as he opened the door. I couldn't believe a girl like Sylvia was throwing herself at me. Not that I was bad looking. I have a lean bodyweight, I'm at a fairly decent height too, 6 feet and a couple inches. When we reached to my apartment, she had slipped her hand in the back pocket of my jeans. She's the most daring girl I've ever met. She pushes me against the door and I feel her hands unbuttoning my shirt. Our faces are inches away, but we don't kiss immediately. My hands tingle as I begin to explore her legs. I grasp her round firm buttocks and bring her closer to me. My fingers begin pulling her underwear down. She is pulling my shirt open and begins massaging my chest. I give in to the urge to kiss her and she pushes her finger tips inside my pants. Her underwear has fallen on the floor and she begins taking off my pants. I remove my hands from her body and let her finish. My cock is already erect. She pulls me towards the couch, and I wonder if it's too awkward to lead her to the bedroom instead. I'm not really thinking when I get him to sit on the couch. "Do you have a condom?" I ask, and he points to his pants. Apparently, I've made him speechless. Just as I pull out a condom from his wallet, he says, "I think we'll be more comfortable in the bedroom." "What if I gave you a blowjob here first?" He only answers with a nod now. He is hard enough to put the condom on and then I eagerly begin by cupping my mouth around his cock. I try to lick every surface. I reach underneath and begin to rub his balls. Gently squeezing and rubbing with my finger tips and my palm. He moans and I realize how long his cock is when I bury it in my mouth. The more I suck, the more lust I feel. His hands grab hold of my hair and gently tug as I bob up and down. He grunts as if he's holding back. And I remove myself. "Are you ready to fuck me?" "Yes, please." Together we stand up and he guides me to the bedroom. There is very little light. A street lamp allows me to see where the bed is. He sits down again and he guides my hips on top of him. His cock slightly touches the edge of my cunt. I adjust my hips to help him slide in. I gasp as we fit together easily. As she sits on top of my lap. I gently pry off her shoulder strap and it falls. She has begun grinding slowly and I feel myself slide inside her. I have the urge to swing her on her back and plunge myself in, but something makes me think about letting it happen slowly. She begins to pull off her dress and My hands begin wandering up her sides until her bra is revealed. It hides her perfect breasts. She snaps it off and pulls it away to let the plump breasts fall just a bit. Her nipples are a rosy pink. I press my lips against them and I let my lips graze her skin. She puts her hands on the back of my neck and combs the back of my head. My right hand cups a breast tenderly and my left hand squeezes her ass. She bucks into me a little harder. I attempt to massage her from top to bottom as she rocks back and forth. A moan escapes her lips and suddenly she pushes me on my back. Her heavy breasts dangle above in my face and I grab her ass with both my hands. She pushes down onto me a little more. I take her in my arms. I'm able to get up and she's slammed into her back on the bed. She wraps her legs around me. And I finally thrust inside her. She grunts and begins to beg, "Oh give me more! More!" I lean in close enough to grab one of her gorgeous breasts in my hand and I quicken the pace of my thrusts. I feel her cunt clenching around my cock and my organ has swelled with so much pleasure I'm ready to burst with cum. She moans, bucks her hips into me and suddenly she screams, "Oh yes! Oh yes!" It urges me to release my cum. I pull away as I finish and she curls up in a ball. "Was that good for you?" "Yeah, but I'm going to be honest. This was a one night stand." She said. As she got up and kissed my cheek, "Thanks for the hot night."

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