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Teresa Bloch
inzerát z 26. září 2021, kategorie různé...

Obvious as the growing attraction between the two of them already was, the ultimate proof of Tyler's physical desires for her came to Michelle when she caught him masturbating to anal porn while murmuring her name. One night, after their usual snuggling session in front of the TV was over, Michelle retired to her bedroom and frigged her clit to orgasm twice, finally relieving the sexual tension accumulated while resting her head on her brother's chest as he hungrily kneaded her ass and held her tight in his comforting hug. Panting and purring languidly as she let her afterglow wash over her, Michelle was about to doze off when she suddenly found herself needing to pee really bad. Groaning with displeasure because she couldn't just transition from post-orgasmic delight into deep dreamless sleep as she usually did, Michelle climbed off her bed and groggily stumbled her way to the bathroom that her room shared with Tyler's. Once she was done peeing and she was about to return to her bed though, a litany of easily interpreted moaning sounds erupted from Tyler's room, filtering through the door and catching Michelle's attention. Of course she immediately figured out that her brother was jacking off, but something in particular piqued Michelle's curiosity that night. Muffled by the closed door and interspersed with unintelligible groans of pleasure, some words still managed to resound clearly in Michelle's ears, among them her own name. Tingling all over with excitement, she approached the door that led into her brother's room and ever so carefully cracked it open, until she could take a peek inside. What Michelle saw hit her so powerfully that she couldn't help but gasp under her breath. Sitting up in his bed, fully naked, with his laptop by his side, his earbuds on and his half-closed eyes focused on the apple-bottomed pornstar getting lustfully buttfucked on the screen, Tyler was pumping his right hand furiously up and down along the thick veiny shaft of his massive, achingly hard boner. Despite having caught random glimpses of his nude body many times before when he was showering, that was the first time Michelle got to see her brother's impressive cock in a state of throbbing, fully raging erection. It left her speechless, it was so fucking huge. Big and girthy and intoxicatingly virile, Tyler's schlong pulsed with horniness and impending release as his hand stroked that meaty pole ever faster, coaxing thick dollops of precum from the fat purple glans. That sight hit Michelle like a lightning bolt and left her spellbound behind the barely ajar door, but an even more incendiary shock of arousal coursed through her when she clearly heard the words her brother was mumbling as he closed his eyes and threw back his head, rushing to his climax. "Aahh yes, Mimi... Your ass, Mimi... Take my cock in your ass! Aaahh fuck yesss, I'm gonna cum in your ass, Mimi! Aahhh fuuck!" An unsuppressible gasp escaped Michelle's slackly open mouth as a spray of pearly white seed erupted from Tyler's pulsating monstercock, shooting up into the air in thick creamy ropes before splattering wetly on his chiseled abs. Wide-eyed and shaking with horniness, Michelle couldn't help but exhale and stare in awe while more and more dense jets of cum spurted from her brother's bulbous glans, his hand all the while pumping up and down his monumental shaft until he had drained his big beefy balls dry of all their abundant content. Once Tyler's massive ejaculation was over and the cock-milking motions of his hand slowed to a stop, Michelle lingered for a few more moments to stare longingly at the huge pools of sperm covering her brother's muscular abdomen. Only after letting the image of Tyler's superbly big and still hard boner etch itself into her brain did Michelle finally retreat into the darkened bathroom and then back to her own room. Needless to say, the unexpected show that Tyler had just given her made Michelle so horny that she simply had to play with her pussy for another hour just to placate her surging lust. What made her prolonged masturbatory session particularly significant that night was the fact that, inspired by the panting words her brother had mumbled right before blowing his awesome geyser-like load, Michelle also fingered her little pink butthole while she rabidly strummed her clit and caressed her drooling slit. Through climax after rolling climax, muffling her screams into her pillow while using each hand to stimulate a different hole, Michelle brought herself off over and over again until she was just too exhausted to keep going, all the while marveling at how naughtily pleasurable it felt to slide her dainty digits into her tight virgin asshole. After that revelation, thrilled to the core by what she had seen and heard while spying on Tyler, Michelle's masturbatory session stopped involving just some vague fantasies about her hunky brother or a few juicy recollections of the most enticing details of his masculine body. From that night on, all her clit-diddling marathons revolved around the indelible image of Tyler's wonderful horsecock throbbing with excitement and spraying torrents of milky cum all over the place. More specifically, Michelle couldn't stop obsessively conjuring up the deliciously nasty, mind-blowingly hot scenario of her brother's gigantic slab of dickmeat entering her tiniest, most intimate hole of her body: the pristine little rosebud of her butthole. Every time she fingered her anus while thinking about her brother, Michelle climaxed spectacularly, her libido spiking up particularly high when she masturbated her hineyhole at night, for she knew that, at the same time as she pictured Tyler's fat dickmeat sliding deep inside her tight little orifice, he was in his room furiously jerking off while fantasizing about fucking her big heart-shaped ass. In no time, Michelle's anal enthusiasm led her to procure lube, dildos and buttplugs of various sizes, which she put to good use eagerly and frequently. Still, pumping her new toys into her clingy sphincter every night until she came screaming into her pillow and her pussy was dripping rivulets of girlcum all over her sheets was only one aspect of Michelle's new regimen of anal masturbation. In an attempt to emulate some of the booty queens starring in the porn videos that she and her brother both enjoyed, Michelle began training her virginally snug asshole with increasingly larger buttplugs. Beside enjoying every second of the butt-stretching exercises she dedicated herself to, Michelle's nightly anal pleasures were made particularly intense when she let herself be carried away by the idea that, unrealistic and far-fetched and plain crazy as it seemed when considered lucidly, she was in fact devotedly prepping her cute pink anus to take something as large and thick and imposing as her brother's monstercock, which was still the pulsating center of each and every one of her masturbatory fantasies. As the days went by, with her horniness never abating and her newfound anal predilections growing ever stronger, Michelle started getting kinkier and bolder. Instead of limiting the use of her buttplugs to the safe seclusion of her bedroom, she started inserting the smaller toys into her asshole during the day as soon as she and Tyler came back from school, so that her anus was stuffed full as the two of them spent time together. Being around her beloved big brother while her greedy little orifice was gripping the buttplug and her snug sphincter got deliciously stretched out by the plastic toy was more than enough to get Michelle's pussy soaking wet and make her clit swollen with desire, forcing her to frequently sneak away so that she could enjoy a quick, liberating slit-diddling session. When they cuddled at night to watch TV and Tyler tenderly yet covetously caressed her plump booty, kneading and massaging the round fullness of her meaty buns through the thin cloth of her shorts, Michelle always felt her pussy drool with excitement. The mere notion that her brother's fingers were so close to the buttplug crammed inside her twitching anus made her crazy with horniness and prevented her from really focusing on whatever was on the screen. In those situations, Michelle unfailingly fantasized about Tyler suddenly interrupting his sensuous caresses to peel her shorts off and unveil her luscious rump, so that he could reach his hand deep into her soft ass-cleavage, grab the buttplug and start masturbating her winking little sphincter the way she was aching for him to do right there and then. Unfortunately, that fantasy never came true, so Michelle was forced to wait until after they had said goodnight before she could go to her room and rabidly frig her clit to climax after gushing climax as she sawed the buttplug in and out of her sensitive little asshole, murmuring her beloved big brother's name all the while. Soon enough though, the intensity and persistence of Michelle's arousal grew to such overpowering proportions that she didn't even care to hide her surging anal desires from Tyler at all. In fact, she began dropping cleared and clearer hints for him. Leaving one of her buttplugs by the sink in their shared bathroom on purpose, and then pretending that she 'forgot' it there after washing it, was one of Michelle's favorite teasing moves. Another one was to crank up the stereo at full blast in the leaving room and start twerking away to the music and then, once Tyler showed up and started staring raptly at her jiggling bubble-butt, to wink at him over her shoulder and ask him to judge her booty-shaking dance. On top of that, almost every day Michelle casually asked Tyler if he had seen any cool new anal porn. Much to her delight, her brother always chuckled and slowly nodded his head as he looked at her with a mix of barely contained lust, pleased surprise and unwavering love shining in his eyes before he replied that yes, he had indeed, and he would give her the links later. Seamlessly, and despite the fact that they both knew how the topic had deeper implications which they were both very well aware of but not exactly ready to spell out openly yet, Tyler and Michelle started chatting about anal sex a lot. Making constant buttsex jokes and engaging in not-so-subtle innuendo all the time, the siblings quickly incorporated the topic of anal in their usual talks, making it a natural thing to discuss. In fact, due to their genuine interest in it, assfucking soon became one of their most frequently touched subjects. One afternoon, while they were playing Overwatch and exchanging their latest ranting speculations and predictions about Game of Thrones, Tyler concluded his observations by stating: "You know what? At the end of the day, all the wars and tragedies and deaths in the story would never have happened at all if only Jaime and Cersei had done anal instead of regular sex." After letting out a bright chuckle, Michelle nodded and replied with enthusiasm: "Yeah, I agree one hundred percent: anal is the answer! You could even say that the whole incest thing isn't really that big a deal if it's only limited to anal... Right?" she tentatively added, still facing the screen but looking at Tyler from the corner of her eye to catch his reactions. "Well, a lot of religious girls do it in the butt to stay virgins, and to them anal doesn't really count as 'having sex', so..." Tyler replied, casting a quick sideways glance at Michelle before concluding: "I guess you could apply that whole virginity loophole to a brother and sister scenario too." "Honestly, I don't really see anything wrong with brother and sister doing anal..." Michelle slowly said, her heart beating faster with every word that tumbled out of her mouth. "Do you, Ty?" "No, Mimi," Tyler answered, his tone calm and steady even though he felt his breathing getting labored and his cock getting stiffer by the second. "I don't think there's anything wrong with that at all." "Well, not as long as they love each other, of course!" Michelle quickly added, tittering and grinning playfully as she turned to look at Tyler, who was already facing her way and smiling at her. "Yeah, of course," he agreed. "That would make a lot of sense, actually." For a couple of intense seconds, Michelle and Tyler's gazes remained locked together, while all the unsaid things they still couldn't bring themselves to let out in the open seemed to silently filter through to one another. Then the sounds of shooting from the screen called them back to their game and the moment was gone. But not their unspoken understanding. The culmination of the siblings' constant back and forth butt-centric flirtations coincided with the last days of the school year. With just a few days to go before graduation and with their final grades already nicely secured, Michelle and Tyler were thinking of nothing but each other. After all their talk of anal on top of the complicit looks they cast back and forth all the time, with Michelle making more and more naughty remarks about Tyler's big dick while Tyler increased his devoted and always well-received fondling of Michelle's majestic booty, the siblings were working each other up to such a point that just being in the same room together made them rabidly aroused. Unsurprisingly, their respective masturbatory sessions now only revolved around the one shared fantasy that gave both of them the most incredible orgasms: the mind-blowingly hot thought of Tyler's huge dick vigorously pounding Michelle's big juicy ass. Desperately horny for her brother but still unable to openly declare her hottest and most forbidden desires to him, Michelle finally decided to create a situation where something could actually happen between the two of them almost by accident, thus bypassing the last vestiges of uncertainty and restraint that still somehow affected the both of them. Knowing that Tyler was just as willing and excited as she was, thrilled by his undisguised lust for her plump ass and thus certain that he wouldn't turn down a real chance to get better acquainted with her booty if he was only given the right opportunity, Michelle opted for a final flirtatious move that mixed apparent innocence and open sexiness: sunbathing by the pool in her skimpiest and sexiest bikini. As a rule, Michelle was quite the indoorsy type and had never really liked lying still under the scorching sun, which was a good thing, considering how fair-skinned she was. Of course, since the house they were currently living in had a nice pool in the backyard, she did go outside to join Tyler whenever he was in the pool, taking full advantage of the chance to touch her brother's muscular body and be touched by him in turn as they laughed and splashed and horsed around in the water. On top of that, whenever Tyler did laps in the pool, Michelle was always glad to rest in the shaded patio and kick back on a recliner, where she could relax and tease her pussy by rubbing her thighs together while she watched her hunky brother swim back and forth, her eyes fixed on his powerful arms and strong back as they emerged from the water in time with the rhythmic tempo of his breaststroke. Knowing his sister as well as he did, Tyler sensed that something was up the very moment Michelle announced that she was going outside to catch some rays. That wasn't like her at all, he thought. Then, when he followed her out and saw her sitting on the edge of a recliner intent on carefully lathering the alabaster skin of her legs with sunscreen lotion, Tyler couldn't help but grin to himself. As the situation became clearer in his mind so did his meaty dick grow harder and thicker in his pants, his eyes all the while mesmerized by the sexy way in which Michelle's minimal bikini top covered pretty much only her nipples while leaving her round jugs almost completely naked, not to mention how her skimpy thong literally disappeared between her luscious asscheeks, devoured by the fleshy plumpness of her big epic booty. As if her choice of bathing attire wasn't an obvious enough invitation already, the flirtatious pout that Michelle's adopted when she rolled on her tummy and asked him to put some lotion on her back confirmed Tyler's initial suspicions: sunbathing had nothing to do with what Michelle was really trying to do there, and he was very glad about it. Of course, much to their mutual delight, on that first day of 'sunbathing' Tyler took great care to spend a lot of time massaging and kneading and caressing Michelle's fabulously round bubble-butt. Still, that was all that happen that afternoon. Even though Tyler's monstrously swollen boner bulged obscenely in his pants, poking and prodding against Michelle's soft curvy body, they just joked about it as usual while Tyler took reverent care of his little sister's booty with his hands On the second day of 'sunbathing' things spiced up a bit. For starters, Tyler suggested that he should straddle Michelle's shapely thighs while she lay down on her tummy to better massage her back. She agreed with a big enthusiastic smile, as Tyler expected. A good fifteen minutes into the devoted, lustful massage he was giving to his sister's big beautiful ass, Tyler further turned up the heat. Letting go of her majestic booty with his right hand, he seamlessly shifted his fingers ever deeper into Michelle's generous butt-cleavage. Receiving only a breathless moaning "Yeees!" and a clear approving nod from his sister, Tyler parted her plump globes wider apart, pulled aside the thong wedged in her pillowy cleft and let his long forefinger venture further into Michelle's asscrack, until he made contact with the gummy, rosy little knot of her sphincter. While his left continued kneading her meaty buns and his trunks-trapped boner kept stubbornly pressing against the jiggly lower half of her round buttcheeks, Tyler slowly and deliberately began tracing circles all around the rim of Michelle's tiny asshole, getting it slick with lotion and pliant to his gentle poking touch. Maddened by the feel of her brother's digit caressing her sensitive rosebud as much as Tyler was floored by the fact that he was not only finally seeing his sister's insanely cute asshole but actually touching it, Michelle panted and mewled like a sexy kitten as Tyler stared at her pink little sphincter in utter adoration, rubbing his slippery fingertip around the soft puckered rim of her forbidden orifice all the while. Utterly stunned with arousal, Tyler lost track of time as he caressed and tickled his sister's receptive butt-ring with gentle circular motions of his fingertip, coaxing long humming purrs of approval from a squirming, equally hyper excited Michelle. As if in a trance, Tyler watched himself cupping his little sister's ample buttcheeks in his greedy palms and then holding them nicely spread so that he could use both forefingers and even his thumbs to play with her mesmerizing pink asshole. His breathing caught in his throat as he delicately pulled the soft rubbery edges of her sphincter apart, making Michelle's lovely hineyhole gape slightly and wink invitingly at him. Tyler's right forefinger was trembling visibly as it approached his sister's twitching and barely open orifice, until it slipped past her elastic butt-ring and slid inside the velvety, insanely tight warmth of her anus. Holding his breath and disbelieving what his eyes were seeing, Tyler couldn't help but smile broadly as he let his digit sink ever so slowly into Michelle's steamy orifice. When his forefinger was buried inside her tiny butthole to the second knuckle, Tyler paused to glory in the naughty feel of Michelle's anal muscles gripping and pulsating with horniness around his digit as she squealed softly and panted in sexy delight. At that point Tyler finally exhaled and blinked before he started carefully masturbating his sister's forbidden passage with slow back and forth pumping motions. The fact that he had finally managed to somehow get inside Michelle's ass, even if merely with his finger and not really pushing particularly deep into her virginally snug chute either, was still more than enough to completely blow away Tyler's already lust-inflamed mind. Fingering his sister's adorable pink butthole and feeling her warm little orifice squeezing and clinging and nibbling all around his slowly sawing digit was no doubt the most erotic experience of Tyler's life, and of Michelle's as well.

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