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Timmy Baillieu
inzerát z 6. října 2021, kategorie různé...

"I want it on my face. Shoot your cum all over my face." Lexi said as she was dismounting me. I stood in front of my kneeling wife and stroked my cock for our onlooker. I could feel the orgasm coming and I knew it was going to be big. Lexi sat still with her mouth open and her beautiful eyes looking up at me. The first jet shot out with so much force it hit her on the top of her head. I angled the next few shots more down. Lexi was covered from forehead to chin. The extra was dripping down her face. Lexi moved in to take my cock in her mouth for the last couple shots. She sucked me dry. Once finished Lexi turned towards Carrie. She took a couple fingers and wiped cum off her chin and then very deliberately licked her fingers clean. Lexi was putting on a show. She then blew Carrie a kiss and we turned to go inside. "That was amazing Steve. Being outside and Carrie watching was such a turn on." Lexi said. "I know and I think Carrie liked it a lot." "Forget about Carrie, I loved it. I was imagining she was a stranger the whole time, which made it even more fun. I think we need to try to do it for some real strangers." Lexi said. "I am down with that. Strangers could be fun but I don't want some creep looking at you." I said "We will have to find the right situation." Lexi said. A few minutes later I got a text from Carrie saying, "Amazing!! Thanks for the show." The next day Lexi and I left really early for work. If we wanted to get home after lunch for the pool day, we had to start early. Luckily the day went smooth and I called Lexi on my way home. She was leaving the office in a few minutes so we would have plenty of time to get ready for our guests. Once home I walked into the closet to get dressed and there was Holly, naked, going through Lexi's bikinis. Holly chose a simple bikini that was almost a thong. We had some time so as she was changing into the bikini I had some other ideas. We fooled around and then were joined by Lexi. We had a quick threesome. We got our backyard ready with snacks and drinks and waited for our guests. Lexi chose a similar bikini to Holly and I wore simple swim shorts. We were lying in the chairs when we heard our guest come through the gate. Both mom and daughter looked stunning. They both had on swim cover-ups. Annie had a confused look on her face as she looked at us in the chairs. She then whispered something to her mom and the only word I could make out was 'naked'. Carrie spoke up, "Thanks for having us over to swim but we were expecting less clothing." "What do you mean? We figured this was a normal swim." I said. "Well I kind of told Annie everything. I told her how you guys are nudist. I told her how I went topless. I had a fun time doing it and Annie thought it would be fun. So I figured the same rules applied." Carrie said as she untied her cover-up and let it fall to the ground. This was the most I had seen of Carrie. She was topless and then had a tiny thong on bottom. "You look amazing Carrie and if you guys are okay with it, then we are more than happy to go nude. We only thought because of your daughter." I said. "I've never done anything like this but it sounded like so much fun. I've also heard big... I mean good things about you Steve." Annie said. Everyone laughed and Carrie blushed. Obviously Carrie had told Annie about my penis. "Lets do this then." I said as I stood up and pulled down my shorts. Both Carrie and Annie were staring right at my dangling cock. I was not hard at the time but freeing him from the shorts already made him stir. Annie dropped her cover. All eyes moved to her. Her body was perfection. She was toned, tall and slim. Her olive skin was flawless. She wore a skimpy thong and nothing up top. Her breasts were slightly bigger than Carrie and were some of the perkiest tits I had ever seen. She had light brown nipples that were maybe quarter size. The edges almost faded into her tan skin. Suddenly someone hit me and Lexi said, "Stop staring." "Sorry but you're beautiful Annie." "Thanks Steve. Not to bad yourself." Annie said, flirting with me and looking at my dick. Everyone else shed her clothes. We swam, and laid out. After about an hour of playing around we were all in the lounge chairs. Both Carrie and Annie were acting very comfortable. Being topless was not a big deal anymore. Then Annie spoke up and said, "I think I am going to join you ladies in being completely naked. I don't know why I was nervous to show my goods down there." The ladies and I cheered and encouraged. Annie shimmied out of her thong. She was completely shaved. Her tight and small pussy looked great. Her outer lips covered her inner lips and clit. Her pussy lips were a simple straight line making her look clean and untouched. "Alright Carrie you are the last one to still have clothing on. I think its time to loose the thong." I said and everyone else vocalized their agreement. "I don't know. I am too nervous. My husband is the only person in the last twenty years to see me completely naked." Carrie said. "What about last night?" I blurted out, not really thinking. Carrie looked shocked. Annie just stared at her Mom and said, "What happened last night?" Carrie didn't share what she saw through the window with her daughter and that she was naked, masturbating in the window. I really couldn't see her nakedness but I knew she was. "It was nothing, her bathroom blinds were open for a second and I saw her." I lied. Carrie looked relieved. "Okay good Mom. Steve has seen you naked then so it's not a big deal. I promise it feels so good and free." Annie said. It was weird to hear a daughter trying to convince her mom to get naked. "Common Carrie, it feels great!" Lexi said. "I promise you won't regret it!" Holly added. Everyone was encouraging but then I said jokingly, "I only want to see your pussy." Lexi slapped me in the arm. "I was only kind of kidding. Don't feel scared or self-conscious because it really does feel great." "Okay fine I'll do it." Carrie said and everyone cheered. "I might need to go shave because all of you are hairless." Carrie said that more out of trying to delay and embarrassment. Everybody quickly dispelled that notion. Carrie stood and hooked a finger on the sides of her thong. "Okay here I go!" Carrie said trying to encourage herself. Everyone started chanting "Carrie... Carrie..." Her face was turning bright red but she finally gave in. With one swift motion she pushed her thong to the floor. She stood upright, and her face bright red. Carrie didn't try to cover her naked body but her hands shot up to her face, trying to hide her embarrassment. Carrie had nothing to be embarrassed for. She was striking, just like her daughter. Carrie's pubic hair was minimal. It was dark brown and trimmed into a perfect runway strip that ended just above her hood. Her pussy looked very similar to her daughter but slightly more open where her inner lips showed just barely. "Carrie that looks hot! I might need to grow out my hair a little! Steve would you like a runway strip?" Holly said. Annie gave a questioning look to Holly. Why would a friend ask Lexi's husband if he would like a runway strip? We all ignored the Holly's reasoning. "It looks amazing Carrie. Lower your hands and stop being embarrassed." I said. "Yeah Mom you have a hot bod." Annie said. Holly and Lexi chimed in too and Carrie slowly relaxed. She sat back down and we all talked. There were multiple conversations going on but Annie focused in on Holly. Holly tried to make generic answers like we were close friends and we hung out a lot. Their conversation was light at the beginning but Annie still had in her mind about the runway strip. I was watching Annie and she was intent on finding answers. Finally and more bluntly than I think she wanted to say, Annie asked, "Have you had sex with Steve?" Everybody stopped talking. Carrie was looking at her daughter in shock. Lexi spoke first. "We might as well tell the truth." Then I spoke. I gave a very abbreviated story of Lexi and I. Then I related how Holly fit in. I ended saying, "We are nudist and have an open relationship. Holly, Lexi and I couldn't be happier. We are open and honest with each other. No secrets are between us. We share and everyone benefits from it. We only invite people in to our lives that are of the same mindset. We want no upset feelings or jealousy. In short those are the principles we live by." Annie and Carrie were speechless, although Carrie knew the just of our lifestyle. "That's really awesome." Annie finally said. Carrie nodded her agreement. From that point most of the conversation was about sexual things, nothing to serious or dirty but curiosities from Annie. Carrie was quiet through most of it though. I knew she was fighting an inner battle. She hated her husband and had a terrible sex life, however she was married. Also she watched Lexi and I have sex the night before and it had an effect on her. The afternoon was winding down. We all had a great time. "We should head home soon Annie. Your father will be home for dinner." Carrie said "Fine but hanging out with you guys is way more fun. Can we hang out tomorrow? I could get used to being a nudist." "That sounds like a plan." Lexi said Carrie and Annie were getting dress and making small talk. "What are you guys up to the rest of the night?" Annie asked. Normally that is an innocent question but I answered honestly, "Probably dinner than a threesome." "Wait... are you serious?" Annie asked. "Yeah I don't kid about threesomes." I said. "You guys are so wild. I want to hear more tomorrow." Annie said. Later that night I had my two favorites naked in bed. Lexi and Holly were in sixty-nine. I was behind Holly, fucking her ass as Lexi licked pussy and my balls. My phone made the sound that I received a text. We barely heard the phone and we kept going. We switched and I fucked Lexi. I heard my phone buzz again. Whatever it was could wait. Then Lexi pulled out a new item she bought. It was a strap-on with an eight-inch long and pretty thick dildo. Lexi got all the buckles and harnesses on. She held the dildo at the base and looked down at herself. It was a more really looking dildo. Lexi admired the look of her having a cock. She stroked it like a guy would. Then she looked up at us and said, "I think it would be fun to be a guy. Now I want to fuck an ass." Lexi looked at me, "Steve?" "Hell no!" I said "I know, I am only kidding. Don't get all gay on me. Holly, you get on Steve and then I will fuck you from behind." Lexi said We were getting into position and I heard my phone again. I entered Holly. Then Lexi was trying for the ass. She got the cock in but her movements were not fluid. This was her first time fucking with a dildo. Phone buzzed again. "Holy fuck this is awesome! I know why you like this so much Steve!" Lexi said as she enjoyed first hand the view of a cock piercing an asshole. Gradually Lexi was getting the hang of it. She started to match my rhythm and we got into a pretty good pace. Holly was enjoying it. She orgasmed hard but we kept going Phone again. We picked up our speed on Holly. Her second orgasm was even stronger but halfway through we heard our doorbell. "What was that?" Lexi asked. "Someone is at our door." I said. "Maybe that's why your phone kept going off." Holly said. I grabbed my phone immediately. All of the texts were from Carrie. They said things like, 'are you home? Can I come over? I need to talk with you.' Then the last couple said, 'I know you're home. I am coming over.' I ran down stairs. It was quite uncomfortable with my hard cock but I didn't want to make Carrie wait any longer. I threw the door open. Carrie looked meek and tired. She must have been crying earlier too because her eyes were red. Carrie looked to be just out of the shower, with wet hair and no make up. She still looked gorgeous in her little tank top and athletic shorts. "Carrie what's going on? Is everything okay? Are you okay?" I asked rapidly. I was nervous with all the text and the need to come over that she might be hurt in some way. "I'm okay, I needed to see you but it looks like I interrupted you guys." Carrie said as she looked at my moist hard cock. "Don't worry about that. Lexi and Holly can keep each other busy. Come in... come in. Tell me what happened." I said. I could tell she was not right. Something was wrong and she needed some friendship right then. "I don't really want to talk about it right now. However I could use some company." Carrie said with a smile through her distraught face. "I make great company Carrie. I can tell something is really bothering you and I will do anything I can to help." I said Carrie thought for a minute as we stood in the entry and then said, "Will you kiss me?" I didn't give a verbal answer but I pulled her into my naked body. I went slow, looking into her eyes. I moved slowly down to meet her lips. Carrie moved to her tiptoes to meet me halfway. Carries lips were soft and smooth. When our lips met and the tension in her body evaporated. Carrie's form molded into mine. Slowly our kiss became more passionate, with our tongues dancing in each other's mouths. Carrie's hands roamed my naked back. Without saying a word Carrie broke our kiss and dropped to her knees. She held my cock in hand, staring at it. I watched her. Carrie finally spoke saying, "I have been fantasizing about your dick since the first time I saw you in your garage. Can I suck you?" The bolder Carrie surprised me. I could see the lust in her eyes. In the past had to be coaxed into doing anything. Now she had passion. She took control. "I would love you to blow me." I said. It came out cheesier than I wanted but Carrie didn't seem to notice. Carrie looked back at my cock. She was stroking me slightly and She gave me a little lick on the tip. She pulled her head back for a few seconds like she was thinking. She moved forward again and took the tip into her mouth. Her tongue swirled around a few times and then with a pop I came out of her mouth. "Is this Lexi I am tasting?" Carrie asked. I totally forgot that I was just inside Holly and Lexi. I was so wrapped up in Carrie that fucking Lexi and Holly just minutes before had left my mind. Honesty is the best policy so I said, "Umm its probably a mix of Lexi and Holly. When you knocked on the door I was in Holly." "They taste pretty good. Are they going to be mad that I stole you away?" Carrie said. "No... no... They will be fine especially when they find out that you like their taste." I said jokingly. Carrie took it serious and said, "Good." Then she was back to my dick. She had a determination in her eye that no matter what happened she was not letting go of my cock. Carrie's blowjob was much like her personality. She was tender and caring. She was soft and thoughtful. She was incredible. She took her time, making sure every inch of my cock was pleasured. Even though she was tender, she still had great skill. She took me deep into her throat, with no sign of gaging. Once I was down her throat, she took the time to lick the base of my cock and balls. After a good ten minutes of cock sucking, I was ready for sex. "Should we go find a more comfortable spot so I can return the favor?" I said. Carrie only nodded, her lust had taken over and she was ready for more. "Its your choice Carrie. We can go to the master with Lexi and Holly or to a guest room. Either way it will be just you and me. The girls will not get involved unless you say so." I said. When I mentioned the other two women Carrie's nerves returned. I could tell she didn't want to disappoint me in her answer and she struggled to say what she wanted. "We will go to a guest room." I spoke and from her smile it was what she wanted. We made our way up stairs. I undressed Carrie on the way. "Lets just say hi to Lexi and Holly so they know what's going on." I said. Holding Carrie by the hand we walked into the master bedroom. Holly was now wearing the strap-on. Holly was behind Lexi, fucking her doggy style in the pussy and a thumb in her ass. "Holy shit!" Carrie said. One hand went between her legs and the girls turned to see Carrie and I watching. "Oh... hi Carrie... I am so glad you are here... Are you guys... going to join us?" Lexi said while Holly fucked her. "We are not going to start Carrie with a foursome. We just wanted to say hi. We will be in the guest room." I said Both girls looked a little sad because they wanted to try out Carrie for themselves. "Have fun... you two... Holly and I... will be... here if you... need us..." Lexi said. "Sounds good! I love you two." I said. "Love you too." Lexi and Holly said in unison. "Thank you so much for letting me be with Steve." Carrie said to Lexi. Carrie was very sincere and thankful. It was cute. "Anytime you want Carrie." Lexi said. Carrie and Lexi shared a moment staring at each other with big smiles. I was ready for Carrie so I broke there moment saying, "Shall we go?" Carrie turned to leave with me. "One more tidbit of information for you guys. Carrie said you tasted wonderful on me." We walked out of the room. Carrie turned bright red as she looked back at Lexi and Holly. I didn't turn to see their reaction but I knew what it would be. I wanted to take my time with Carrie. I could not believe how everything was falling into place. I was about to fuck my model neighbor, the woman who intimidated me for so many years. Now she was a friend and soon to be a lover. I was going to give her the best sexual experience of her life. I was going to fuck her till she couldn't handle anymore. I led her to the bedroom right down the hall to the master. I left the door open to let all the sounds flow down the hall to my ladies. Also if they wanted to come sneak a peak it would be easy. I laid Carrie on the bed. I started at her lips and kissed her passionately. Then I moved to her ear and neck. Slowly down I went to her chest. I took my time kissing around each breast, being careful to not touch her nipples. I wanted her nice and warm before I made my move on the good areas. I went down her stomach, past her pussy and down her legs. Carrie squirmed in pleasure. Her breathing and body were responding very strongly to my attention and I had not gotten to the pleasure zones. I moved back up, passing her pussy again but stopped at her breast. I took one breast in a hand and the other in my mouth. I sucked her nipple into my mouth. It was firm and delicious. My hand tweaked the other nipple and that was too much for Carrie "Oh my gosh... oh my gosh... Oh Steve!" Carrie said as her first orgasm started. Once finished she spoke, "I have never... oh man that felt good... I have never orgasmed like that before... I mean...without touching my vagina." "Did you like it?" I asked coyly. "Did I like it? Are you kidding me? It was amazing. My husband hasn't taken me to orgasm in ten years and you do it in ten minutes without touching my pussy." Carrie said. "I'm glad you liked it but this next orgasm is going to come from me licking your pussy." I said. "Really? Me again? Shouldn't I pleasure you now? I mean... I got mine." Carrie said. The years of being in a one-sided marriage had an effect on her. She was used to being the object of her husbands pleasure and never the other way around. She figured I pleasured her and now it was her duty to please me. My policy is always the more you pleasure the woman the more pleasure she will eventually give you. "Don't worry about me yet." I said, "Tonight is all about you."

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