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Monty Leigh
inzerát z 15. ledna 2022, kategorie různé...

Sally Smith walked through campus with her head down, staring at her feet. Ever since she was a little girl, she was shy and introverted. She wasn't disliked or bullied or anything like that but she didn't have many friends, and most people didn't even know she existed. Sally wasn't stupid, she knew that a main reason for no one paying attention to her was her plain body. She didn't consider herself ugly, just... Plain. Boring. She had simple shoulder-length brown hair, a pale complexion, small breasts, and a barely noticeable butt. It wasn't just her body that was boring. She was an only child, which meant no cool older sibling to vouch for her or a cute little brother or sister to show off to her friends. Her parents both worked in an office, the most boring job out there. To make matters worse for her popularity, she was a bit of a nerd, preferring to play video games than shop and flirt with boys like the popular girls do. Perhaps that was why she never had a boyfriend, never even kissed anyone. The most exciting part of her life was, without a doubt, her best friend Flora. She knew her since they were in middle school and she's been jealous of her ever since. She had such a fun and outgoing personality, it was impossible for people to find her unlikable. Her body always outshined Sally's, with perfectly tanned skin, a gorgeuous face, long shapely legs, and, of course, large, noticeable boobs. Sally didn't give much thought to her sexuality but if she was to go gay for any girl, it'd absolutely be Flora. But perhaps the main reason she was envious of Flora was because of her parents. They weren't boring office workers, they were movie stars. Well, that might be a bit of an overexaggeration. They weren't super famous or anything, but they were certainly well known in their home town. Flora got to go to movie premieres, travel all over, and even meet famous people. It was a mystery why she hung out with someone as boring as Sally. She had a boyfriend, Chad, who was arguably as cool as his girlfriend. He had slicked-back blonde hair, a lithe and lean frame, and a winning smile. His Dad was the football coach at their college, and that gave Chad some guaranteed popularity. Sally didn't like him very much, she felt like he was too fake, but he never gave her enough reason to say anything to Flora about it. Sally finally arrived at her destination: the dining hall. It was a place where she got to hang out with Flora, and was always the best part of her day. She got her food and sat at the table she sat at everyday. Flora and Chad arrived a few minutes later, holding hands and laughing at who-knows-what. Flora sat across from Sally with a smile. "Hey Sal, what's up?" she asked while Chad got their food. "Nothing much." She was telling the truth, nothing interesting ever happened to her. "What about you?" Flora grinned brilliantly, as if she was waiting for that exact question. "Remember that audition I did?" Sally didn't know which one she was talking about- Flora seemed to go to a different audition every day- but she nodded anyways. "I got the role! You're now looking at Vanessa Black, secret agent." She put her fingers together to form a fake gun and blew on the tip, accompanied with a wink. "Oh, congrats," Sally monotoned. Flora frowned. "Why do you look so bummed? I thought you'd be happy for me." Sally sighed "It's just that-" "Hey, hey, hey! What's up, Salster?" Chad sat next to Flora and kissed her on the cheek. "Oh, hey Chad. Did you hear that Flo-" "You mean did I hear that the baddest girl in town just got a rad-as-tad role? I sure did, I was with her when she got the news. I think she'll make a sexy secret agent." Flora gasped like she always did whenever Chad complimented her, something that Sally found a little obnoxious. "You mean that, Chaddy Poo?" "You know I do, my sweet rose." Sally sometimes wondered if Chad physically couldn't call someone by their real name, that he was cursed to use nicknames. Flora started to tell Sally about the role and the movie itself, speaking so fast and passionately, she could barely understand her. Minutes later, however, Chad stopped her by showing her his phone. "Look at this, Daisy, there's an audition tonight for a superhero movie." Her eyes seemed to light up at that. "I've always wanted to be a superhero!" Sally furrowed her eyebrows "I thought you were going to be the secret agent." Flora laughed and winked at her "Don't you know to not cross your bridges before they hatch? Come on, Chaddy, let's go get in character!" Sally was absolutely certain that that did not make any sense whatsoever. "See ya later, Salinator," Chad said as he pocketed an apple and walked off with Flora. Sally sighed and finished her boring meal, went to her boring classes, and did her boring homework. She got into her bed after the day was over and allowed herself one sigh of discontentment. She rolled over and closed her eyes. As she fell asleep, she only had one thought: I wish my life was exciting. Her alarm woke her up as it always did. But when she reached over to shut it off, she noticed something new. It looked like a remote of sorts, but like nothing she's ever seen before. It had several differently colored buttons on it for purposes she didn't yet know. There was a piece of paper under the remote which said: "To select a target, aim at it and press the blue button. Select another target the same way, imagine what you wish to switch between them, then press the green button." Sally had no idea what the paper was talking about, but her clock told her that she needed to get ready for class. She quickly showered, dressed, and all the rest of her regular routine. Right before she left, after thinking about it for minute, she grabbed the remote and walked to her first class. At this time in the morning, there weren't very many people. However, she did notice a muscular jock near a curvy blonde girl. They both seemed awfully stereotypical to Sally. The guy was tall and jacked with rugged features and he was an absolute asshole. He was hitting on every girl he saw, with a cocky grin, making crude comments. The woman had huge boobs, a round ass, long legs, and the slutty clothing designed to show off her features. She twirled a finger in her hair as she talked to a guy who was very clearly not looking at her face. Sally rolled her eyes and almost walked away... Until she remembered the remote. She wasn't sure what would happen but she figured that these two were as good guinea pigs as any. She aimed the remote at the pervy jock, pressed the blue button, then she pointed at the whorish girl and pressed the same button. She didn't know what the paper meant by the next part, so she just thought of their lives, the way that they act, and the way that people see them. She pressed the green button. There was a small zapping noise, but nothing spectacular. When she looked at her targets, her eyes bulged out and her jaw dropped. The muscular guy was wearing a crop top and short shorts, looking absolutely ridiculous. He was standing in a very feminine pose while talking to the guy that the slutty girl was flirting with just a moment ago. Said guy was staring at the jock's muscles and considerable bulge in his tight shorts, clearly turned on. The girl on the other hand was wearing a jersey and jeans too big for her, no longer showing off her body. She whistled loudly as a woman walked by, grabbing at the woman's rear. She had a smirk on her face the whole time, yelling out "Nice tits, sugar!" to another girl. As it approached 9 am, the pervy girl in the jersey walked away with her eyes glued on a cheerleader's chest while the slutty guy giggled as his ass was squeezed by his new boy-toy, the two of them no doubt going somewhere private. Sally was shocked as she tried to wrap her mind around what just happened. The remote worked! It switched their lives and the way that they behaved and, most importantly, no one seemed to notice anything different. Except for Sally. As she rushed to her class to avoid being late, she tried to ponder at the possibilities and implications but there were just too many unknowns. If she wanted to know more about this strange remote, she would have to perform some more experiments, and what better place to do that than her first class of the day, Biology? The first thing Sally wanted to do is to see if the remote could switch objects. So, she targeted a student's pencil and his notebook, thought of what they were and how they functioned, then pressed the green button. Suddenly, the guy was holding the notebook as if it was a pencil and was "writing" on the actual pencil. She was surprised to look over and see that there actually were, somehow, notes on the side of the pencil. She didn't see any graphite on the notebook, but it was working exactly how a pencil should. The girl next to the student she was observing asked him if he had a pencil she could use. He said "Here, take mine," and gave her the notebook then reached into his bag and got another actual pencil and began to write on the pencil that was acting as a notebook. The girl was now using the notebook-turned-pencil on a piece of paper. So it seemed to Sally that if she switches two things, they just switch how people percieve them. Like with the guy and the girl, they didn't change genders or bodies, people just saw them as the other one. She wondered what happened if she took one aspect of something and switched it with another. "Miss Smith! Pay attention, this is important," her professor said, about something that wasn't really important. Professor Reed was an old, strict woman who not many people were fond of. She smiled to herself, thinking it'd be fun to mess with her. She pointed at her and a male student named John and before she pressed the green button, she imagined them switching their ages. After the zap, she noticed something shocking: Her professor was hot! Professor Reed was now 20 years old again, with firm breasts, a smooth, young face, and a shapely body. She was still wearing her boring old dress suit and talking about the mitochondria being the powerhouse of the cell, but she moved a bit faster, and her voice was much more pleasant, no longer croaky with age. Meanwhile, John was no longer a boy, now a 60 something year old man. He jotted down notes with a wrinkled hand, squinting to see the board. Sally realized that this wasn't really fitting for the mean old- well, young now- professor and wanted to make this more of a revenge. She grinned as she realized the perfect way to do it. She pointed at Professor Reed again and then at a girl named Tiffany who, let's just say, had more beauty than brains. She thought of their intelligences and pressed the green button. Professor Reed suddenly stopped her discussion of cell division, a blank and confused look coming on her face. "Um... And, uh... Cells... Are like... Things? I guess?" Professor Reed said with doubt in her voice, her eyebrows furrowed. Tiffany raised her hand and spoke. "Professor, I believe that you mean to say that cells are the most basic parts of an organism." she stated. The Professor shrugged "Um, I guess so?" Thankfully for her, class ended then. Sally walked out and smiled, getting the feeling that they'd get a new biology teacher soon. She had some free time until her next class so she sat on a bench and watched her classmates walk around, trying to find her next victims. She spotted a girl with very large, perfectly shaped breasts that sat heavily on her frame. She was wearing a very low-cut top, allowing her best feature to be shown off to the world. Holding her hand was a guy who looked pretty average to Sally, with a 5'11 height, standard build and weight, some muscles but nothing extreme. She assumed that they were boyfriend and girlfriend, evidenced by the way they talked to each other, with bright smiles. However, the guy's gaze kept moving to his girlfriend's chest, his eyes seemingly glued to her cleavage. Sally knew exactly what she wanted to switch between them. She pressed the buttons and thought only of their chests, specifically where the girl's boobs were. She hit the green button and smiled as the average guy now had a very above average chest. Interestingly, their clothes did not change like the guy and girl from earlier. The woman still wore a small top and a large bra that hung very loosely on her flat chest, while the man wore a tight t-shirt and no bra, his large nipples clearly poking out. Even more interestingly, the guy was still ogling his girlfriend's chest, even though it was now flat and boring. Sally was intrigued by this so she continued to follow them, wondering how this would turn out. When the couple thought they were alone, they began to make out, the man's squishy chest pressing against the girl's flat, slightly hairy one. The man put his hands near the girl's torso, making a squeezing motion. He touched nothing but air but the woman moaned softly, as if he actually groped her breasts. She ran her hands across his chest, touching his assumedly sensitive tits but he didn't react much, even though his nipples were as hard as could be, refecting his arousal and excitement. They took off each other's shirts, the guy unbuckling his girlfriend's bra. He continued to grab empty air, even moving down to suck on nothing, a few inches past her chest. She moaned louder, her eyes rolling back while the guy sucked nothing, his naked boobs bouncing. Sally wanted to test something. She aimed at their chests again and thought only of how people saw and treated their chests, as well as their functions. After the swap, the couple quickly changed roles. The flat-chested woman was now sucking on her boyfriend's aroused nipples, while groping the soft flesh. He groaned masculinely, his eyes rolling back. Sally looked to the floor, where their clothes were discarded. The girl was standing near a feminine T-shirt that Sally guessed clung to her body more tightly than before, while the guy was closer to a large, plain white bra and a shirt with a higher cut than his girlfriend's was. Apparently, the man's personality didn't include showing off his chest, even though people were likely attracted to it. Including his girlfriend who seemed to really enjoy playing with his chest. She pulled away and whispered "I love your tits so much, Jared." Jared smiled, blushing a bit "Thanks baby..." Sally smiled, feeling like the couple was as satisfied with her work as she was, and walked away. She had something else she wanted to try: to use the gadget on herself. She wasn't sure if reality would change so that even she forgot what she switched, so she wanted to start with something simple and small, while still an improvement. She looked at the people around her and smiled when she figured out what she wanted to switch. She pressed the correct buttons and suddenly, the busty blonde on campus was now a busty brunette. Sally was relieved to find that she remembered everything she did with the remote, including switching her hair color. However, she also found that she remembered having blonde hair her whole life. She could still remember when she had the brown hair, but her bright hair color felt more natural, even though it was anything but. She grinned as she realized that this was the start of something amazing, since she could always just switch back if she changed her mind, and no one would know. So, she found the hottest girls on campus and walked around, stealing their traits. By the end, Sally was a walking wet dream. Her skin tone was a few shades darker and completely blemish-free, her face was more naturally beautiful, her butt was full and round, and she had 40DD breasts which fit perfectly on her thinner frame. However, there was something she found herself disappointed with... Everyone still treated her the same. She accessed her memories and remembered that asshole guy in highschool rejecting her advances, she remembered finding out other girls saying things behind her back, and she remembered her drama teacher asking her to play the ugly friend in their play. She flashed back to the present, watching how people just walked past her extremely sexy and curvacious body, their eyes barely registering her. Sally's new perfectly sculpted face scrunched up a bit as she got angry. She realized now that she didn't just want to be sexier, she wanted people to see her as sexy. She could have just switched how attractive people found her with the hottest girl on campus but she figured that there would likely be a disconnect with her body and what people saw. So, she took the time to track down every girl she switched with and also switched how people saw, percieved, and reacted to that body part. She missed a class at one point but she didn't care, this was more important. Throughout the process, she saw more and more people looking at her. She even had one guy hit on her, complimenting her chest and ass- the first things she switched. By the end of the day, it was done. People now saw her body as it really was, and damn did she notice. Not only was she being flirted with by guys- as well as that cheerleader who recently picked up the hobby of catcalling unsuspecting women- her memory was changed as well. She remembered having sex with men and women left and right, no one ever turning her down. But still, she wasn't happy. Flora still received more attention than her. Sure, Sally might have been just as, if not more beautiful than her best friend but more than just looks, Flora had personality and charm. She had to fix that.

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